General design & Website FAQs

Website domain and hosting faqs

What to include in your website brief

E-commerce/ subscription/ course websites

General Design & Website FAQs

1. Is paper planery the right fit for me?

You may have noticed on from our portfolio that the niche we focus on is mainly within the creative, fashion, mommy & me and lifestyle industry as well as a selection of female entrepreneurs.

This isn’t to say that this is an exclusive club, however having a look at our portfolio and general style to determine whether Paper Planery is the right fit for you is a good idea.

If Paper Planery is not the right fit for you, you’re welcome to send an email for recommendations on other talented suppliers who might fit the  bill.

2. How long will my project take?

If you have a specific launch date in mind, understanding how the processes here at Paper Planery work will help you determine whether 23 will be able to assist you in time. But to summarize please see a rough guideline below:

Logo design: 3 weeks until final handover  
Logo + CI development: 4 weeks until final handover
Website design: 6 weeks until launch
E-commerce OR Course website design: 8 weeks  until launch
Graphic design: A custom timeframe will be provided depending on the scope

(please take into consideration that these timeframes should be counted from the availability date stated in the notification bar at the top of our website):

3. Can paper Planery assist with updating my current website?

Although we cannot guarantee whether we will be able to make updates to your current website, you are welcome to contact us with your specific requirements and we will confirm whether we are able to assist you.

4. Will I be able to update my own website?

Yes, Paper Planery will provide a 1-hour training session over Zoom where you will be shown how to update basic images, texts, blog posts and products. Additional training sessions will be charged at an hourly rate

Website domain and hosting FAQs

Even though websites can be complicated, I am here to take the stress away. However there are a few things I will need from you inn order to build your website

1. I don't have a domain or hosting package

A domain is the url of your website, as an example Paper Planery’s domain is

Domains can be purchased from hosting companies, their cost usually involves a minimal annual fee. 

You also need a hosting package from a hosting company in addition to your domain. This usually involves a small monthly fee to be paid to your hosting company each month.

Even though there are tons of hosting companies out there that can get the job done, the ones I recommende are:

Afrihost: I recommend one of their Shared Linux Hosting packages

Xneelo: I recommend one of their web hosting packages

If you are uncertain which package is the best fit for you, feel free to contact me and I will give a recommendation.

2. How does it work if I already have a website domain & hosting package

If your website project entails rebuilding your current website, I will build your website on my test server for you to review. Once we are ready to go live, I will require a day during which your current website will be “down” and your new website will be uploaded.

3. What information do you need from my domain and hosting package

I will require your FTP details and your Cpanel login details.

This can be obtained by sending an email to your current hosting company or your previous website developer.

4. How does it work if I have a domain from G-suite

You will require a hosting package with a company (explained under point 2. ) and your G-Suite domain will then be pointed to your website’s hosting package.

I know all of this sounds a bit tricky, but once we are ready to go live I will send through an email you can send to the host of your GiSuite domain who will then update to where your website is being pointed. 

Please note that once they have updated this it will take approximately 48 hours before your domain will point correctly to your website.

5. I have a website with Wix/SquareSpace and would like to use that domain

If you registered your website URL through a website builder like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace etc. and you would like to use this domain name on your new website built by Paper Planery, your domain will have to be transferred away to another hosting provided such as the ones listed under point 1. 

I will be happy to assist you through the process, however there are some quicklinks on what you need to do:

Transferring a domain away from Squarespace

Tranferring a domain away from Wix

If you are transferring your domain away from any other website platform, please contact me directly for assistance.

6. I need an email address ending in my website's url

What I mean by this is … my website’s URL is and a custom email address could be something like   Most hosting companies like Afrihost and Xneelo include email addresses in their hosting packages, you can follow their guidelines on their websites on how to create your custom email address once you have signed up for a domain and hosting package.

what to include in your website brief

In order for me to build the website you envision as effeciently as possible, I require a brief that will help me understand your vision as well as some “nitty gritty” website details. I require the following information in your brief, click on the icon next to each item if you are unsure what the item refers to or what format to send it in.

1. Your company/project background

If this has not been defined in your logo brief or during our initial meeting, please send through background on your company/project

2. Your Target Market

If this has not been defined in your logo brief please describe who the target market is for your brand, referring to demographics like the following:

Age range
Other relevant information

Why is this important?
Without properly defining your audience, I may start designing the logo for your company with a look and feel aimed at women, when in actual fact your target market is men in their 40s, interested in golf.

3. Your Website Look & Feel

If your website’s look and feel isn’t based off a logo designed by Paper Planery or a CI guide provided by your logo designer please send through your preferences with regards to the following:

1. Colours

2. Typography

3. Samples of websites you like

If you are uncertain where you can find samples the following platforms may help:

1. Search Google for “colour palettes”, “typography” and “website inspiration”.
2. Create a board on Pinterest with the sections  “colours”, “typography” and “website inspiration”
3. Send through names of websites you like
4. A sketch may even help if you have some specific ideas!

4. Your website sitemap

A sitemap is a list of all the pages on your website and their hierarchy. You can send this through as a bulleted list or even a flowchart if you prefer.

Please see a sample below:


5. Your website text

Please provide the information for each page in one of the following formats:
Word document
Pages Document
Google Document

If you are unable to provide the information beforehand, please provide a bulleted list or a rough summary of the type of information you would like on each page. I will then use placeholder information according to your bulleted list on the first revision of your website while you compile the final content.

Please note, no information will be accepted in the following formats:
A scanned, hand-written document
A PDF from which text cannot be copied
A WhatsApp text, voice note or image

5. Your website images

Unless agreed upon that Paper Planery will source images for your website please share your website and product images as high resolution images via

Google Drive

6. Your website's FTP and Cpanel login details

I will require your FTP details and your Cpanel login details.

This can be obtained by sending an email to your current hosting company or your previous website developer.

If you do not have a domain or hosting package yet, please read through further instructions here.

7. Credentials for integration with Instagram and MailChimp

Displaying your instagram feed requires integration with your Instagram account. If you are comfortable sharing your login details please send them along. If not, no problem, we will set up a telephonic meeting, talking you through the steps of integrating it yourself.

In order to integrate your MailChimp account with your website you will need to share your List ID and your API Key. To find these, please follow these steps.

8. Any additional functionality you would like

Think about things you would like to include on your website, whether it’s:

1. An email newsletter sign-up form.
2. A special dropdown in your contact form. 
3. A recipe template on your blog.
4. A Sign Up to my newsletter in order to download this free resource functionality,

Please note, that although we will assist you as far as possible some functionalities may require additional investment into extensions that need to be purchased or time not covered by the package you have selected.

9. Online shop/Subscription site/Online course website requirements

If I am assisting you with an e-commerce website for an online shop, subscription website or course website please find additional requirements here.

10. Can my current website's blog posts be transferred to my new one?

If you are relaunching your blog website, all your current blog posts will have to be transferred. If your current website is built on a WordPress framework an export can be done, if not please contact us for more guidance.

11. Additional information required if you are starting a blog

Please provide the categories for your blog. Blog posts can have more than one category, and the categories can coincide with the page names on your navigation. E.g. if you have a category containing DIYs, you can have a menu item named DIYs that will link to a page containing all your posts with the DIY category.

online shop/subscription product/online course website requirements

If the website you would like to build includes an online shop that sells products, courses or subscriptions please take note of the following requirements.

1. What payment methods can I add to my website

With the integration of the available gatewys mentioned under point number two you are able to add methods such as Credit card payments, Instant EFT and Manual EFT.

2. What payment gateways are available

I build website within a WordPress framework, and e-commerce websites make use of the wordpress extensions WooCommerce. This means that all the payment gateways that are compatible with WooCommerce can be integrated with your website.

However, the payment gateways I recommend are Payfast (for South African websites) and PayPal (for international websites).


3. How do I setup my payfast account & what details to send through

Once you have created an account here go to your account page and verify your account by uploading the neccessary documents. You will receive an email within a few days from Payfast notifying you that your account has been verified. 

Log in to your Payfast account and navigate to your integration page and send copy and paste your Merchant ID, Merchant Key and Passphrase and send it through to Paper Planery.

4. What are my options when it comes to website's shipping costs

If you are selling physical products that need to be delivered and your shipping isn’t free Paper Planery can assist with setting up your shipping in the following manners:

1. You can set shipping amounts based on the customer’s province e.g. people ordering from Gauteng pay R60, people ordering from anywhere else in South Africa pay R100

2. You can set up free shipping  for certain provinces or if your customer’s order exceeds a certain amount.

3. You can set up local pickup at a specific address.

4. You can set the shipping amount based on your customer’s postal code.

5. Sending product information

The following information for each product needs to be sent:

1. Product Name
2. Product short description (optional)
3. Product long description (optional)
4. Product type (is it a physical product, downloadable product or a virtual product)
5. Product variations: e.g. is the shirt available as slim fit and regular fit and in three different sizes?

Fit: Regular, Slim
Sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large

6. What is the stock quantity of this individual product or variations? e.g.

Regular fit Extra Small = 3
Regular fit Small = 5
Regular fit Medium = 7
Regular fit Large = 4
Slim fir Extra Small = 5
Slim fit Small = 7
Slim fit Medium = 3
Slim fit Large = 4

If the stock field of a product is left blank, customers will be able to order an unlimited amount.

7. What is the price of the product or variations (if different variations have different prices e.g. if a shirt has a cotton option and a polycotton option, the cotton option might be more expensive)

8. Within what category does this product fall? i.e. if you sell clothes a shirt might be in the following categories: Short sleeve, Summer Collection. A product can have one or more categories

9. Any custom fields your product require i.e. you are selling toys for little ones and need to know the baby’s date of birth

6. I would like to sell subscription products

We would be happy to assist with this, however please be aware that in order to enable this fuctionality on your website you will need to purchase the following extension from WooCommerce which needs to be paid annually:

Woocommerce Subscriptions

If you are using this plugin in conjuction with Payfast, the subscription amount can be deducted from your client’s credit card every month automatically.

Please make sure that you log into your Payfast account and enable recurring billing here.

7. I would like to sell online courses

We would be happy to assist with this, however please be aware that this may require additional investment. Feel free to contact us for a custom quote.

Paper Planery is fully booked until March 2021. Feel free to contact us for March 2021 projects

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